Jessica V. Bos

Web & Mobile Demo Day 2017

With the sun shining brightly over Amsterdam’s Westerpark, the day was turning out to be in excellent condition for our Web & Mobile Demo Day 2017. For the past four months our ten startups have been put through the ringer to produce the best possible products they could manage, and then pitch them in front of an audience full of investors, mentors, and affiliates.

That day took place on Wednesday, June 14, and we at Rockstart are very proud of the progress they’ve made. Now that Demo Day has come and gone, the startups have another eight weeks to scale their businesses and realize their growth potential.

This year’s pitches included a new addition of customer testimonials, which allowed the audience some insight into the consumer’s perspective. By providing this feedback in advance of each pitch, potential investors and clients were introduced to the products in a multidimensional manner.

Take a look below for a roundup of our ten startups from this year’s Web & Mobile accelerator program.  

Up first was Vanido, an education app which offers personalized voice lessons. This highly praised app has already made quite an impression in many tech circles and was named as a Top Ten Free Education app on the App Store in 45 countries.

Following Vanido was Tykn, an online platform that verifies and authenticates birth certificates. By checking the document’s digital fingerprint, the issuer is able to certify it using Tykn, making a typically tedious and lengthy process immensely easier.

Next up was BotBoys, a B2B chatbot platform that can be used for basically any purpose. These chatbots are manufactured for companies to better serve their clients needs.  

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Frosha set out to solve the customer data integration problem. Instead of having humans sift through mounds of data, Frosha takes on the tasks and eliminates the excess work.


Bouw7 is the answer to all the construction industry’s questions. This cloud-based construction management software allows its users to efficiently manage any and all administrative work while also giving them access to drone technology, automatic bidding, advanced reporting, and mobile registration.

After the first five pitches took place, the crowd dispersed for a quick coffee break before retaking their seats for the next half of the pitches. Hunters, a recruitment platform specifically targeting salespeople, was up first after the break. They are currently the number one recruitment platform for real estate agencies across Europe, and by pre-qualifying the candidates, Hunters sets a new industry standard.

FlyMedi is a medical tourism marketplace geared to ease the selection process of clinics or treatment facilities for those who are travelling for medical reasons. With many positive customer testimonials, FlyMedi’s team has a solid foundation already in place and is ready to take its product to the next level.   

Next up to pitch was Scitodate, a platform which focuses on lead generation for scientific equipment manufacturers. In order to achieve the best results, the startup has built an AI engine that analyses thousands of research papers to find the most relevant leads.

Tired of miscommunication and tedious spreadsheets? Onduro is an online software for flexible staff management and communication, making workplace connections easy and efficient.

Rounding out the pitches was WeParc, which proved that valet parking is not just for the rich and famous. Thanks to WeParc, anyone can enjoy the stress-free luxury of valet parking anywhere in Amsterdam through an app on their phone.

After the pitches came the always enjoyable networking period. The guests were treated to drinks, snacks, and personalized Rockstart ice cream while weaving through the ten startup tables in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The networking portion of Demo Day allows the founders of the startups to personally show the attendees their products and hopefully make some indelible connections.

With another Web & Mobile Demo Day down, and successful pitches performed, we look forward to seeing how these startups will scale in the last leg of their accelerator journey.

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