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This Week’s Productivity Tip: Working Remotely

With all the advanced technology at our fingertips, it is quite common to take advantage of this technology and work wherever we can. Working remotely has great advantages, but it can also lead to move distractions than if you were working in the office.  Ivana from the 2015 Web and Mobile alumni Letz, an app that measures productivity, gives some tips to help keep your workday productive, no matter where you work.

Whether you are a new member in remote-working community, or you have already worked this way a long time, there are several tips that can help you be more productive and manage your time successfully. Managing your time, finishing all your tasks for the day, and still having time for your favorite activities and hobbies is hard to accomplish.

Working from home may sound like a dream come true to some people, but this way of working is not all about relaxation. It is challenging to work at home and stay on-task while away from the office! Maybe these tips are new to you. If not, are you following them?

Make your home office a quiet place to think

Have your own room, or during your chosen hours of work, choose a room that almost nobody enters (especially if you have roommates or you live with your family). Don`t use the living room or kitchen, where there are many things that can destruct you from your work. You can even make a creative sign to put on your door to clearly show your working hours, just like in an office.

Make sure your internet connection is very stable 

 -a backup connection is also very important to have. If your work depends on an internet connection, or you are constantly dealing with Skype calls/meetings you have to have a perfect internet connection. Otherwise, you will become less reliable and less professional in the eyes of the others you connect to.

Act like you are going to work in an office 

To be more productive, acting like you are actually going to an office instead of just changing the room will help you and you will be more concentrated. Dress as if you were leaving your house. Avoid getting out of bed and heading right to your desk, which is one of the challenges while working remotely. Doing so will put you in a work mindset and will also help define your working hours and separate them from your personal time.

Structure your workday  

Try to set your working hours even though there is a possibility to be flexible. It will help you define your workday and have a clear picture of your personal free time, and in the end get the feeling back that you actually have free time!

Schedule breaks

Even if you are at home, normal work stress still exists and you still have working hours. If you were in a traditional office instead of your own home-office, you would go out for breakfast, have a quick coffee, or a chat with your colleagues etc. The truth is that rarely do people working remotely take a break. Not taking breaks is bad for your productivity and your health. Schedule few short breaks every day and be productive like you should.

Try to avoid answering your cell phone during your working hours

Working from home will give you and the people around you the feeling that you are available all the time. To avoid this feeling, you can reduce your phone calls and choose which ones are important and need to be answered, and which ones you can skip or delay for later when your working hours are done.

Keep in touch with your colleagues

Even though your work does not depend on others, still be informed and updated with all activities that you all work on. This will clear give you a clear picture of your work, you will have more precise tasks, and you will know exactly who to call when you need help. Attending mandatory meetings is a must, but try to go to optional meetings as much as possible. You should not expect to have a voice in what is going on if you usually are not available to contribute. Small talk is also important. Hobbies, kids, pets or the latest movie you saw are great topics that will boost the working atmosphere. Bonding with your colleagues creates a sense of loyalty and keeps a team working together even more effectively.

Use the right tools  

Have a comfortable chair, a computer, and a phone. To be productive, you need few tools that will save your time while fulfilling the tasks and organizing your day. Once you have them in place, you will eventually find out how productive you`ve become. Skype, Slack, Basecamp are some of the tools you can use with your team for better communication and organizing or dividing your work.  

Have a happy holiday

This rule is for those of you that work remotely as well. Try to unplug your computer, travel somewhere and try to enjoy your totally free time.

Whether you work remotely all the time or just a day here and there, try these tips and make your workday as productive as possible, no matter where you work!

Ivana Karalieva is marketing manager for Letz and is handling marketing activities such as digital marketing, public relations, content writing, content marketing and customer care. She has been a part of the Letz team since her graduation in September 2015

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