Julie Donders

When Possible, Hire Actual Customers

It’s Your People Who Define Your Brand

Even the most well orchestrated branding efforts can be sabotaged by a single under trained or inappropriate employee. The right front-line employees are crucial to the authenticity of your brand.

When Possible, Hire Actual Customers

If hiring your customers is not possible, at least hire from the same pool. People like buying from others that are similar to them. They speak the same language, share the same the same values, and find it easier to make an emotional connection.

The days of your brand being your company’s name and logo are gone. In Emotional Branding: The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People, Marc Gobe approaches a company’s brand as much more than just their identity. Brands have a personality, and people relate to these brands on an emotional level, just as they would relate to a person. Branding is as much about anthropology, psychology, and designing experiences as it is about graphic design and packaging.

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