Why we’re taking Rockstart Accelerator startups to Silicon Valley

It’s the Mecca of the high tech world, where tech entrepreneurs feel right at home: Silicon Valley in California, USA. It’s not just for any reason why Rockstart Accelerator take their 10 startups to Silicon Valley for one month during their summer program. Silicon Valley is the undeniable capital of the tech startup world with the highest density of high tech entrepreneurs of any metropolitan area and attracting more than ⅓ of all capital investment in the US. It’s where large technology companies such as Google, Facebook, eBay and Apple Inc. have gathered, and where most of the world’s top startups are born. This startup ecosystem is defined by a special culture driven by certain (unwritten) rules and ethics, creating the unique dynamics of this community.
Silicon Valley: where dreams are big and new technologies are being discovered every day…

Next to cities such as Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley is also known for having tight connections with San Francisco. Although some might disagree in how the red-bridged city by the Bay is not an official part of Silicon Valley, San Francisco proves to be an entrepreneurs-mecca by itself and the technology corporate industry has chosen San Francisco to keep their business located at its heart. Twitter, Instagram, Digg, Yelp and Technorati, just to name a few, all are part of the successes San Francisco has to offer. And the San Francisco life under the Californian sun seems to have its effect. Hop on a cable car to take you over the hill on California Street while looking down over the valley underneath. Stroll down the famous tech-oriented area South of Market (SOMA) to meet for coffee with experts from your field, before heading to a startup meetup somewhere nearby the Bay Bridge. Take a train to Palo Alto to explore the Google Campus and check in on Google St. while mastering balance on a Google bike. Get a taste of what the working environment of Facebook is like and mingle with the ambitious vibe at Apple inc. There’s much to do, many to see and even more places to be. This is exactly why Rockstart Accelerator has chosen Silicon Valley to play an important part of the Accelerator Program in 2013.

With applications closing on January 20th, Rockstart Accelerator is gathering startups to boost their team, turn their newly found ideas and goals to profitable businesses reaching an international scale through their accelaration program. The program supports 10 startups, backed by more than 100 mentors in the metropolitan city of Amsterdam and consists of two program elements: a 100-day Spring program and a 3-month Summer program, including one month of a Silicon Valley program. While the first program element focuses on professional guidance by experts and pitching the startup to investors, the Summer program offers a helping hand in closing funding, building international partnerships and operating from some of the best co-working spaces in the heart of Silicon Valley. This is where the startups can learn from the best and gain some serious market traction by pitching at several Silicon Valley locations.

Are you the owner of a newly found idea and do you have the right team to execute your vision? Do you want to join RockStart Accelerator as one of the 10 startups of class 2013? Apply before January 20th and take your startup to the next level!

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