Winning is just the Beginning – Rockstart welcomes the Green Challenge Finalists 2014

From March 2 to March 13, Rockstart will host the Green Challenge Deep Dive for the winner and runners-up of the prestigious Postcode Lottery Green Challenge award 2014, aimed at entrepreneurs that provide ecologically sustainable business solutions. By getting the chance to present their company in front of an international jury, the finalists have already proven the potential of their ideas. Now it is time for them to refine their business skills through an intensive 10-day program at the Rockstart headquarters. An overview of all the participants can be found below.


The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, supported by Rockstart and the DOEN Foundation, rewards companies whose ideas speed up a transition towards a low carbon economy. With a total prize money of  €700,000 and influential backers such as President Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson, the competition represents a huge opportunity for companies with a green business plan.

10-day pressure cooker
The Green Challenge Deep Dive at Rockstart, a heavily condensed accelerator program, will cover many aspects of growing a business. From learning methods to work more efficiently, or identifying process-weaknesses, to strategy, team and branding workshops. Rockstart’s proficient mentors will guide the 5 finalists of 2014 with meetings that are tailored to their individual needs.


This Blogpost will provide you with an overview of all the startups. Throughout the program, we are going to release additional information on all participants, so stay tuned!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-01 um 20.07.34bio-bean (winner)
There is no such thing as waste, only ressources in the wrong place. Working under this premise, bio-bean is aiming towards eliminating a significant byproduct of brewing coffee: the grounds. In a process that leaves no waste, coffee ground is turned into pellets for heating and biodiesel to power cars. The CO2-savings that this idea affords, won over the Green Challenge jury.

2013-06-14-19-33-03Fargreen (runner-up)
Every year during the rice harvest in Asia, vast quantities of rice straw are disposed by burning them. This releases millions of tons of Green House Gases. Fargreen found a solution to put an end to this waste. Instead of incinerating the straw, it is reused as a substrate to grow mushrooms. This way, farmers that use this method can increase their income by selling mushrooms off-season, while preventing unnecessary pollution by burning the straw.

tumblr_mbrw7ypDuT1rhsbpzo1_r3_1280One Nights Tent
At the end of many festivals, organizers are left with the same horrendous pictures: abandoned tents and piles of garbage all over the area. This is not only bad PR, but also a huge ecological problem. One Nights Tent offers a convenient way  to combat this disaster. Rather than everybody carrying their equipment to the festival site, One Nights Tent rents out specifically designed, eco-friendly tents, sleeping bags and mattresses right at the camping spots. Equipment that is left behind is recycled or composted.

Turbosail_productImagine the wing of an airplane. Now take that wing and put it vertically on a large ship. With this construction you have just reduced the ship’s fuel consumption by 30% on average. This is of course a very simplified explanation of the Turbosail technology. But with this principle invented by his father, Pierre-Yves Cousteau, son of the famous marine explorer Jacques Cousteau, wants to help the maritime industry save fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-03 um 12.33.43Bluerise
Another company that is harnessing the sea for their business model is Bluerise. Through OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) and SWAC (Seawater Air Conditioning) technology Bluerise uses differences in temperature between deep and shallow water to create energy, fresh water and provide cooling. As a result, coastal regions and tropical islands can become fully energy independent and save up to 90% on cooling related electricity use.

After their Deep Dive sessions, the 5 teams will have the chance to present their newfound insights on a Demo-Day event, in front of their mentors and potential new investors. The event also marks the start of the application period for the Green Challenge 2015.

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