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Zazzy launches new platform to create and sell 3D-printed jewelry

Attention creatives out there! Zazzy just launched a new platform that allows users to easily upload their own 3D printed jewelry and sell it to the world. To learn all about the new launch and the possibilities it brings, we did a short interview with the team here at Rockstart Spaces.

Note: Zazzy.co is on TechCrunch today! Help them grow by upvoting them on ProductHunt.

Congratulations on the new launch. So what exactly is this new platform you’re launching?
Zazzy.co is a new platform where you can upload your artwork, 3D render it as jewelry, and then share it automatically with your friends and followers, who can buy it instantly.You choose your profit margin per design and Zazzy 3D prints every order in highest quality material of your choice, such as sterling silver, before packaging and shipping it. You don’t need manufacturers or stores to realize your creations as cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Every design on Zazzy is printed on demand, ensuring minimal waste unlike mass-manufactured accessories. Zazzy invites you to new way of designing, thinking and creating on Zazzy.co.”

dExample: Silver D by artist Daniel Maarleveld

Who is Zazzy.co most relevant for?
Zazzy.co can bring value to different groups of people:
– it can help fashionistas build their brand,
– it helps bloggers express their style,
– creatives can market their art, and
– entrepreneurs can turn their logos into exclusive cufflinks

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 15.39.56

Example: Star Trek Cufflinks

Final question: What can our community help you with?
Any feedback on our beta platform, Zazzy.co, is greatly appreciated. Try it out by launching your own cufflinks & sharing it on Twitter with #ph. Also, please vote for Zazzy on Product Hunt. And let us know what you think by contacting Minha Lee, our head of growth, at minha@zazzy.me.

Zazzy is one of our Rockstart Accelerator Web & Mobile alumni 2013.

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