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Join Rockstart’s AI Program program to grow your company and get ready for global scaling. Rockstart supports entrepreneurs with a strong purpose by connecting them with the brightest minds in the industry. Rockstart AI Program provides an access to the AI ecosystem, industry, and corporate partners, talents, capital and coaching.

We’re interested in startups that are creating the future, using promising new technologies to make a positive impact. For the Rockstart AI program, we will be looking for founders with:

Domain expertise

We are looking for deep expertise and knowledge in one specific domain. The perfect founder profile has vast experience working in one specific industry and deeply understands the challenges in and around this industry, have a strong network and easy access to data.

Deep tech solutions

We will be looking for the core proprietary tech solutions. As a team, you’re experienced data-scientists, machine learning and/or AI experts. You have already built some technology (or part of it) and you’ve found a segment where you can apply it and scale it from.

In more specific, we’re interested in some of the AI application below:

The themes above outline the areas that excite us, but we are also open to a hybrid combination of these themes or new areas that may not be listed here.

Online Office Hour

Watch our AI Online Office Hour to hear more about the AI Program:

Rockstart AI Accelerator Online Office Hours

Watch the Rockstart AI Accelerator online office hours, where Accelerator Director Marjel Quekel and CEO Rune Theill from Rockstart will tell everything about the program and answer your questions. Camiel R. Verschoor, CEO at Birds.ai and Rockstart AI 2017 alumnus, will also share his experience of being in last years program.

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Rockstart Provides Access

  • Market

    We connect founders with the most relevant industry players and facilitate the process in order to drive partnerships and pilot customers for the startups in the AI program.

  • Expertise

    We have brought together an impressive lineup of mentors, who bring expertise in AI, data science, product and building businesses around technologies from scratch.

  • Community

    We give founders access to Rockstart's international community of alumni and we've partnered with Jheronimus Academy of Data Science to provide access to state-of-the-art research know-how and talent.

  • Capital

    We are matching and setting up events so startups can leverage Rockstart's network of more than 400 local and international investor. We support startup to raise capital during and after the program.

What we offer

Rockstart AI Summit 2018

Rockstart AI Alumni



Opt/Net has developed an AI driven anomaly detection platform OptOSS. The platform enables the monitoring of large volumes of streaming data and it allows to identify, diagnose, and react to anomalous patterns in a matter of seconds. The team of Opt/Net BV joined Rockstart AI program with a ready product and Rockstart opened the doors to the market by connecting the startup with Vodafone Ziggo. During the program an agreement on paid pilot version to perform tests based on the Vodafone Ziggo company data was concluded. OptOSS AI is part of the Accenture Community taking part in the #AIA18 Accenture Innovation Awards journey within the Living & Working theme.





Birds.ai provides insight into current and future state of the customer assets. By working together with drone companies that take photos of the assets, Birds.ai analyze these photos using Artificial intelligence and present the findings and the state of the assets in a clear overview to the customers. Before joining the Rockstart AI Program the startup conducted a couple of pilots and was closing a long-term deal with a customer. During the program, Rockstart provided expertise to restructure the responsibilities and decision-making processes in the management team and provided leads to potential customers and investors. Birds.ai values the personalized approach that it received during the program allowing the team to learn about important startup topics such as financing, sales, and recruitment.

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What you'll learn

We’ve created a strong curriculum that will help you design validation experiments, produce results and grow your business in a structured and accelerated manner. In 180 days, you will learn about the following subjects:

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