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Rockstart Energy is a domain-focused accelerator-VC with follow-on growth funding which will invest in early stage businesses contributing to the energy transition. We select and support early stage startups with high impact potential, ‘accelerate’ them through our Energy program into investable businesses, and co-invest in subsequent funding rounds. Our customized program runs on average 1 week per month for 6 months, mostly at our HQ in Amsterdam.



Investment focus

The innovations driving the energy transition represent a major opportunity for disruptive, agile, tech-focused startups since we have passed a tipping point. The top-down, centralized, fossil fuel system is being disrupted by smart, decarbonized, digitalized and decentralized models, offering abundant, clean, renewable, local energy.

Old and new energy cost curves are now crossing and will diverge, driving massive and accelerating structural change. We target European businesses (see also FAQ’s) whose success will drive significant societal impact. Three areas we are mostly looking at are:


    Exploiting & optimizing the available distributed & ambient resources of sustainable energy.


    Grid infrastructure and energy storage facilities to balance, optimize and transact between demand/supply of local energy, in real time.


    Integrate efficient or self-sufficient clean energy in valuable products, services and facilities across smart buildings, cities, mobility, industry.

Contributing to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

We look for smart energy startups that innovate through:

Energy Program

Rockstart provides startups with access to the capital, market, community, and expertise by connecting them to and further working with strategic partners, investors, mentors and our extended network. We create programs that are customized to boost collaboration between startups and corporates, driving faster access to co-creation, commercial partnerships, and investment.

In practice, the program consists of one Deep Dive Week per month which will be organized in person or virtual/ remote. Here we focus on specific themes as – among others – Funding, Pitching, Sales, Financials to sharpen your business to become successful. We will:

  • focus on tangible & actionable outcomes,
  • assign knowledgeable mentors to you & facilitate your collaboration,
  • host events to connect you with potential investors for your next funding round,
  • organize expert sessions & 1on1 consultancy hours to give you hands-on support,
  • have individual coaching sessions to identify your blind spots & keep you on track,
  • facilitate peer2peer sessions to learn from each other and portfolio companies,
  • provide access to conferences or fairs where possible and reasonable,
  • and much more…

The content design will be based on your stage and feedback as well as our own observations and assessment to deliver a high quality and customized program which matches your changing needs. Basically we will try everything needed to get you on the right path to success and play an important role in the energy transition!

  • Market

    We connect founders with the most relevant industry players and facilitate the process in order to drive partnerships and pilot customers for the startups in the Energy program.
    • 3x Country Offices
    • 10+ Corporate Connections
  • Expertise

    We have brought together an impressive lineup of mentors whose expertise entails nearly all areas of the energy business – from corporate to startup, tech to financial, grid to light bulb.
    • 90+ Domain Mentors
    • 1.000+ 1on1 sessions
  • Community

    We give founders access to Rockstart's international community of portfolio companies, provide access to external events and state-of-the-art research know-how and talent.
    • 25+ Networking Events
    • 40+ Energy portfolio companies
  • Capital

    We offer follow-on co-investments in subsequent funding rounds and organize events in which we match startups with local and international investors from Rockstart's network to help find a lead investor.
    • 68% Follow-on Funding rate
    • €18+ Mio. Raised in Energy Domain


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Portfolio & Testimonials

68% Follow-on Funding rate for all Energy Programs

€18+ Mio. in total raised by all Energy portfolio companies

75% Follow-on Funding rate from last Energy Program (2018/ 2019)

€5.2 Mio. raised by portfolio companies from last Energy Program 2018/2019 (within 1.5 years)

  • "By attending the Rockstart Smart Energy program we mostly reduced our time to market, not only by meeting with expert mentors to fine tune the business plan but also by having the right warm intros into key customers and the right investors. I particularly remember the speed of relevant things happening."
    • Pedro Pinto - Fibersail
  • "Rockstart has been an effective launchpad to stand upon as a startup! And much of it can be attributed to the two Freerk and Julian, who genuinely had the interests of us as a startup in their mind. And also, the mostly efficient machinery that is Rockstart that delivers effectively."
    • Bhaskar Deol - Mynergy & eDRV
  • "Besides the fundamentals (mentoring, workshops, networking) Rockstart has been and remains to be very helpful in fundraising. Their wide network in energy venturing has helped us find the right investor and their experience in start-up funding ensured setting up a deal structure that was right for everyone."
    • Hubert Penn - Dexter Energy Services
  • "Rockstart was instrumental to our growth as a startup. We benefited greatly from engaging with the community and several mentors and, in fact, found our first group of investors within the same Rockstart network connected through its program events."
    • Stine Carlé - AMMP
  • "Rockstart was a game changer for FlexiDAO since it helped us unlock value that would have been very hard for us to reach. Firstly, senior mentors from different backgrounds helped us as an advisory board from multiple angles (technology, energy, finance, etc.). Secondly, a great network: we closed a sales contract with a utility through the network and signed an investment agreement with a VC from the community. Last but not least, working with top tier startups in the clean tech domain was very enriching - I didn't expect to learn so much from each other."
    • Joan Collel - FlexiDAO
  • "For us, the most valuable was the network and mentoring which enable advice and help from in and outside the Rockstart community. The mentors are very hands-on which is the best a startup can wish for. The check-ins with Freerk always lead to new connection or action."
    • Lukas Kuijken - Greener


Energy Mentors

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