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Disruption of the medical industry has brought a plethora of rich benefits, from cures for diseases to new, AI-powered diagnostics methods to making healthcare more accessible for everyone, in every part of the world. With unparalleled access to hospitals, payers, care organisations, research institutions, and investors in the space Rockstart has built a launchpad for innovative health startups that are making a positive change in the industry.

Rockstart Health

Rockstart Health is a hands-on investment program focused on market-validated startups in the health sector. This is a first of its kind program wherein, our expert mentors don’t just offer advice but work within the startup teams in an operational capacity.

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Dutch Digital Health Challenge

The only challenge in The Netherlands that gives startups the opportunity to showcase their solution at one of the main health conferences in Europe, and demonstrate how they innovate with partners.

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Graduated Rockstart Digital Health 2015


Rockstart Health 1 alumni Tinybots shipped their first 500 social Tessa robots in 2018. Tessa is a small robot that structures the day of people with dementia. Tessa activates people with dementia and supports their independence. The little robot gives informal caregivers, family and health care professionals the opportunity to help when no one can be present at home. They’ve partnered with the HAN University of Applied Sciences to study how Tessa supports dementia care.

Renal Tracker

Graduated Rockstart Digital Health 2017


Renal Tracker is a behavior change platform to delay dialysis. It uses an evidence-based curriculum with behavior change-focused technology from Stanford University’s Persuasive Tech Labs, personalized nutrition through 1-on-1 with a health coach, and applied predictive analytics. In 2017 RentalTracker raised €150,000 as a bridge round.


Graduated Rockstart Digital Health 2018


Deepdee is diagnosing eye diseases by processing photos of the eye fundus with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms. Started in 2017, Deepdee has since demonstrated rapid progress. Since the conclusion of the program, Deepdee has secured  €300k in angel funding, started collaboration on age related macular degeneration with Radboud UMC and Erasmus UMC and won the Bayer Aspirin Social Innovation Award 2018.

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