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The status-quo in healthcare is being challenged by a new wave of innovators and entrepreneurs. However, unlike in other sectors, in healthcare the incumbents – regulators, healthcare providers, payers, academic institutions, pharma majors and clinicians – control how this innovation is assimilated into the existing system. Therefore it is more important than ever that entrepreneurs establish a feedback loop with these players early on and get crucial inputs on their products/ideas.

Rockstart Digital Health Program provides an unparalleled access to the healthcare ecosystem, capital, coaching and investors for entrepreneurs who are looking to change the way things are done in healthcare.


Themes/areas of interest:

We believe that a thesis-led approach allows us to attract a cohort of startups that fit well together – startups that are trying to solve similar problems and thus facing the same challenges. The themes below outline the areas that excite us, but we are also open to a hybrid combination of these themes or new areas that may not be listed here.

We are looking to work with startups working the following areas:

  1. Self-care: These solutions enable patients to be in better control of their health. The solutions could be around chronic diseases, specific medical conditions, rehabilitative care, wellness, remote monitoring and behavioral change.
  2. Biosensors and wearables: These allow for capture of biomarkers, could be on-body or in-body devices, such as ingestibles, patches, wristbands or implants, that help create personalized data and can be used for diagnostics or monitoring.
  3. Efficiency platforms: These are solutions that tend to serve as two/three sided markets, between payer/providers/clinicians/patients. They often plug into the existing healthcare system and change it for the better.
  4. Inter-sector applications: These could be software, device or platforms that cross-pollinate and bring in a proven innovation from another field to healthcare via a unique methodology/application, with a digital angle.


Online Office Hour

Watch our Digital Health Online Office Hour to hear more about the Digital Health Program:

Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator – Online Office Hour

Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator provides an unparalleled access to the healthcare ecosystem, capital, coaching and investors for entrepreneurs who are looking to change the way things are done in healthcare.Curious to find out more? Don’t miss our Digital Health Online Office Hour on 22 November at 18:30 CET to hear more about the Digital Health Accelerator Program and ask any questions you may have to our Program Director Akshat Kshetrapal.

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Renal Tracker


Renal Tracker is a behavior change platform to delay dialysis. It uses an evidence-based curriculum with behavior change-focused technology from Stanford University’s Persuasive Tech Labs, personalized nutrition through 1-on-1 with a health coach, and applied predictive analytics. In 2017 RentalTracker raised €150,000 as a bridge round.



Sleep.ai focusses on the diagnosis and monitoring of sleeping disorders using Mobile Health (mHealth) solutions.


About 70% of all people only snore when they sleep on their back. Moving to your side opens the airway. Our snoring app detects snoring and sends a signal to the Silentsleep wearable, making it vibrate. You turn over to your side again and the snoring stops. The app gives the option to track your progress over time, and if needed approach a medical professional in your neighbourhood.

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