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    Too late to apply? Send an email to karin@rockstart.com


    Applications for Rockstart’s Launchtrack AI will stay open until August 11, with the program itself kicking off on August 29th. Selected individuals and teams will spend one month in Amsterdam, participating in an intensive full-time program led by Rockstart’s top mentors and experts. The program targets single technical founders and teams with expertise in AI, from recent university graduates to academic researchers to engineers working in the industry.

    Rockstart Launchtrack AI is an equity-free program that requires full-time commitment from participants for its whole duration. Each participant will also pay a symbolic commitment fee. At least two of the graduates will receive a Fast Track award, which will propel them straight to the final selection round of any Rockstart accelerator program in Europe of their choosing.

    If you have any questions about our program, please take up contact with Karin van Soest, Launchtrack program manager karin@rockstart.com.

    Rewatch Launchtrack AI Online Office Hour

    Rewatch the Launchtrack AI Online Office Hour to hear more about the Launchtrack Program. Presented by Program Manager Karin van Soest and AI Program Director Marjel Quekel.

    The Program

    The Launchtrack program is divided into four steps to help startups drive through the validation process and prepare themselves for an accelerator: problem validation, problem solution fit, competitive advantage and start small. think big.

    Participants of the program don’t have to give up any equity but are charged an administration fee of €250 per team (up to 3 founders), single participants pay €150. This amount can be waived under certain circumstances. See FAQ for more information.

    August 29

    Problem Validation

    September 7

    Problem Solution Fit

    September 16

    Competitive Advantage

    September 23

    Start Small. Think Big.

    September 28

    Demo Day

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    3D Hubs


    3D Hubs is world’s largest online marketplace for 3D printing services. With service providers connected in over 160 countries, 3D Hubs makes it easy for product designers and engineers to find the right 3D print solution for prototyping and small production runs. By providing local access to cutting-edge 3D printing technologies 3D Hubs is accelerating a future of distributed on-demand manufacturing.


    Since 2014, 3D Hubs has raised $13M in funding.  Most recently, they announced $7M in Series B funding, led by EQT Ventures, with backing from previous investor Balderton Capital. They also recently acquired the Romanian startup Printivate, who specializes in optimizing and fixing 3D models.





    Sympower is a platform that connects smart energy with smart homes. It enables smart energy systems to respond to the needs of both their owners and the electricity system as a whole. Its technology offers households a platform to become active participants in reducing the world’s dependency on fossil fuels. The platform integrates with smart heating and cooling appliances through a lightweight technology.


    As well as customers going live in Finland, Sympower is currently realizing a pilot project in the Netherlands with Engie, TenneT and Stedin. Their international team has grown to 6 full time employees across NL, EST, FIN, ISR.



    Wercker is a continuous delivery platform that helps developers reduce risk and eliminate waste by testing and deploying their code often. It is hosted in the cloud, so there is no need to download any software or buy your own hardware in order to set up your continuous delivery pipeline. It takes under a minute to set up your project and use Wercker.


    Wrecker has received a total of $6M in investment including $4.5M in Series A funding, led by INKEF Capital with participation from existing investor Notion Capital.


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    INCO is the first global consortium for a new economy, inclusive and sustainable. By gathering 9 organizations in 20 countries and working on 4 activities : investment (100 million of euros), incubation (500 start-up supported), training (350 people unemployed trained) and media (5 million of people inspired), INCO creates economic opportunities for ALL.



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