Alla Idrisova

Alla Idrisova

    Continuous Improvement & Digital Transformation Lead at Canon


    Business Development


Alla is a professional with 15+ years of diverse industry experience in large multinationals as Philips, ING, Hospira, GE, and Canon. She has a broad enterprise-wide view of the business and varying degrees of appreciation for strategy processes and capabilities, enabling technologies, and governance. Alla proved herself as a champion of continuous improvement and change agent to promote best practices and implement solutions that can transform and empower business. She posses also a sizeable experience in fields of Information Technology where she played a pivot role in multiple transformation programs. Her role with INSEAD, as a digital strategy formation and implementation E-coach to global C-level executives from a variety of industries, allows me to appreciate applicability of the latest digital trends like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, VR, Robotics, e.g. within multiple business areas.