Bramh Awasthi

Bramh Awasthi


My name is… Bramh

I’m from a country called… India

My job title is… CTO

My secret side projects include… Hiking, Photography and Piano

I’m pretty good at… Embedded System Design Embedded Firmware Digital Signal Processing CAD/CAM

I’m involved with Rockstart because… With more than 75 mentors to guide, Rockstart is one of the best accelerator for Smart Energy Startups. It will expose us to 200+ investors and offer us a global platform to validate our ideas.

More about me: Bramh Awasthi is Co-founder and CTO for Sensfix and Whirlybird Electronics. His work on improved method for loudspeaker testing, completed during his student internship (2003) at Bose Corporation, was implemented at all of Bose’s manufacturing plants. Bramh’s Bachelor’s thesis work on autonomous control of helicopters (2004) led to his first project with the Indian Navy. He has been an invited lecturer on innovation and entrepreneurship at many universities around the world including the IITs in India and École Centrale de Paris. Bramh received his Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT Kanpur (2004).