Fani Tzima

Fani Tzima

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My name is… Fani

I’m from a country called… Greece

I work at… Wapo.io

And my job title is… CTO

I am pretty good at… Machine learning, data mining, database design,  software engineering and development.

Outside the office, I’m passionate about… Raising my son. Reading as many books as possible. Traveling around the world.

I’m involved with Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator because… I want to get the best out of this program for wapo.io!

More about me: I hold a diploma from the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – AUTh (2005) and a PhD in the field of evolution-inspired machine learning from the same Department (2011). I have significant experience working in multidisciplinary, large projects from my almost 10 years as a Research Associate in Academia (AUTh and Centre of Research and Technology Hellas – CERTH).