Joep Wijman

Joep Wijman

    Founder & President at WijmanCoaching


    Human Resources



    Business Development


Joep is an accomplished intra- and entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience in/with SME’s, big corporates and starters to develop leadership, entrepreneurial mindset & behavior, culture, organisation and governance.

He sees as the major challenge in this period the transition to the “digital context” (WEF Jan. 2014) with fundamental impact on leaders, business, employees and society. In particular the impact of digitisation of the healthcare value chain.

Joep co-founded and discontinued companies, and founded in 2006 WijmanCoaching, which provides coaching and sounding board for executives, mentors startups and help them thrive, facilitates strategy implementation and companywide change, and helps innovation partnerships enhancing effectiveness and quality of the front-end.

He loves to share his experience, expertise and network helping leaders and starters to grow and thrive.

Joep is married with two sons and he loves traveling and is an avid hiker and cyclist.