Julia de Fuentes Hergueta

Julia de Fuentes Hergueta


My first name is… Julia

My last name is… de Fuentes Hergueta

I’m from a country called… Spain

I work at… Rockstart

And my job title is… Events coordinator

My secret side projects include… VR/AR

I am pretty good at… I love to organize events in order to make people live nice moments and feel special. I like to be surrounded by nice vibes. Apart from that, I am good at cooking, at having a nice conversation and at making people smile back to me.

Outside the office, I’m passionate about… Food, music, travel, meeting new people and places, explore…quite good at living!

I’m involved with Rockstart because… I like to be involved within a creative and innovative atmosphere, and because we can make possible many memorable moments in our events!

More about me: “How you live your life is your business…Just remember, our hearts and our bodies are given to us only once” from a movie called “Call me by your name”