Karin van Soest

Karin van Soest

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My name is… Karin van Soest.

I’m from a country called… Europe (I am half Dutch, half Irish and was born in Germany, the world is my oyster)

I work at… Rockstart.

And my job title is… Rockstart Program Manager.

My secret side projects include… Startup Weekend Utrecht, a weekend event I voluntarily organise. Designing logos and branding for startups and people’s pet projects. I also have a secret knowledge of most of the herbs used for traditional medicine, thanks to my mum.

I am pretty good at… Learning how to change careers fast and furious. I studied both Physics and Visual Communications (Graphic Design). Afterwards I taught myself how to code responsive websites, designed a logistics process and implemented a new organisational structure called Holacracy, without prior knowledge.

Outside the office, I’m passionate about… Organising startup events and supporting women in technology. Traveling to as many places in the world as I can with my companion and making full use of my unlimited movie access.

I’m involved with Rockstart because… I believe Rockstart really can become the worlds best startup machine, Rockstart brings the love of startups to accelerators. I’ve never worked with such an incredibly rocking team and my job helps me get closer to creating the future I want to live in.