Lukas Kuijken

Lukas Kuijken


My name is… Lukas

I’m from a country called… Kuijken

My job title is… Finance & Strategy

My secret side projects include… I’m learning to play the piano en kite surfing, but this seems challenging parallel to founding a venture 🙂 So I would say my biggest secret side project is optimising myself and my time!

I am pretty good at… Conceptual thinking, communication, emotions & openness, attention to detail, sociable, involving everyone, personal connections.

I’m involved with Rockstart because… Growing as a company but also growing as a person. Learning and listening to others. Getting inspired.

More about me: I love interacting and learning from people, creating openness and emotionally comfortable situations for everyone. My favourite quote is from my mother: “Het leven moet je vieren, nooit een beetje maar volop”.