Maarten de Vlugt

Maarten de Vlugt

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My name is… Maarten

I’m from a country called… The Netherlands

I work at… SunData

And my job title is… CFO/COO

My secret side projects include… Making an awesome drone video compilation of the city of Utrecht together with my co-founder Jaap.

I’m pretty good at… Distinguish important stuff from less important stuff, Excel, Business development, Pitching, Focus, Making difficult stuff easy.

I’m involved with Rockstart because… Rockstart has an extensive network helping us to make a huge success of Fritts.

More about me: Master of Science in Energy Science. After my study I worked as invesmtent analyst at Eneco and as a consultant to develop and finance large renewable energy projects. Favorite quote: ”If you can dream it, you can do it”.