Milan Fonds

Milan Fonds

    Controller Financial Accounting at Rockstart

My name is… Milan

I’m from a country called… The Netherlands

I work at… Rockstart

And my job title is… Controller Financial Accounting

My secret side projects include… Providing tax advice and organizing neighborhood barbecues

I am pretty good at… Solving complex issues, meditation, swimming, keeping myself and others calm during stressful times

Outside the office, I’m passionate about… Playing instruments such as the ukulele, didgeridoo, banjo, piano and the mandolin. Meditation and YinYoga

I’m involved with Rockstart because… The times we’re living in allows us to really discover ourselves and explore new options. Helping people to follow the thing they’re passionate about gives a good feeling of satisfaction.

More about me: “If you’re going through hell, keep going” – Sir Winston Churchill