Nicholas Kirk

Nicholas Kirk


My name is: Nicholas (Nico) Kirk

I’m from a country called: The United Kingdom, Italy

I work at: Cambridge Humanae

And my job title is: CEO

My secret side projects include: In my very limited spare time, I do research in cognitive robotics. I also regularly publish articles about investments/politics/psychology on Medium.

I am pretty good at: Leading and persuading people in different languages on a variety of topics.

Outside the office, I’m passionate about: Travelling, socializing, helping whoever is in need.

I’m involved with Rockstart because: My company got accelerated by Rockstart’s and Europe’s first AI batch. I want to stay involved as it’s a massively helpful community of experts I appreciate on multiple levels.

More about me: I am a highly driven, disciplined and adaptable individual striving for personal and society-level improvement. I am thrilled by technological developments and wish that we innovate as much as possible, as quickly as possible!