Paul Veugen

Paul Veugen


    UX & UI


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Loves the intersection of people, technology, data and design.
Learning about the Human body. Avid cyclist.

Co-founded Human, where I can use my skills in design, product and people to help people making better decisions about their activity and health. Extreme focus on changing behavior and turning data into action.

Started my first company Usabilla as single founder in 2009 and built a strong foundation for a fast growing company. In four years I built an outstanding team, products that millions of users use to share feedback, the brand and an effective marketing strategy, and raised capital to scale the company. Left Usabilla in 2013 in the very capable hands of an amazing team to push it to the next level. Usabilla has been growing year over year and currently hosts over 4B feedback buttons a month for (enterprise) customers around the world.