Sara Ylipoti

Sara Ylipoti

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My name is… Sara Ylipoti

I’m from a country called… USA

I work at… Conector Startup Accelerator

Where I work on… I help our team with all aspects of our programs, but am currently focusing on opening up new Corporate Acceleration Programs.

My secret side projects include… As an expat in Spain, I was missing some resources to learn Spanish. So, I created Woordsy, a language learning platform to ask questions to a language community, leveraging a voting system to offer more reliable answers. It´s focused on getting answers on difficult to translate idioms, phrases, sayings, and expressions in English and Spanish. Visit www.woordsy.com and tell me what you think!

I am pretty good at… Communications, creativity, marketing, … I love learning new skills.

Outside the office, I’m passionate about… Music, literature, the arts.

I’m involved with Rockstart Answers because…. I love helping entrepreneurs!

More about me: … Finnish-American that ended up in Barcelona. Working in the tech startup scene and loving it!