Stine Carle

Stine Carle

    VP of Business Development at AMMP


My name is… Stine Carle

I’m from a country called… Kingdom of Denmark (not kidding, it’s the official name!)

My job title is… VP of Business Development

My secret side projects include… trying to stay a bit fit. All the desk work and crisps and beer (thanks Julian) makes it rather challenging. Bouldering, mountain biking and hiking are part of my favourite activities.

I am pretty good at… making bad jokes, keeping the team spirit high, drinking coffee…

I’m involved with Rockstart because… it’s awesome! I was so thrilled when we got into the Smart Energy programme. Being part of Rockstart feels like being part of a big family.

More about me: As mentioned, I’m from Denmark and I love the country. However, I also really love travelling and living abroad. If you love that too and would like to talk about it, feel free to invite me for a coffee at Rockstart (since it’s free, what do you have to lose?)