Tian Daphne

Tian Daphne

My name is Tian Daphne.

I’m from a country called Singapore.

I work at Publishizer the world’s first crowdfunding digital literary agency (and rights marketplace soon!)

And my job title is Community Manager (and Unofficial Company Realist).

My secret side projects include: Back in Singapore, I started 2 ukulele bands that performed in Singapore, HK, Australia, Japan and even recorded an album. I also organize an annual sustainable island festival, street festivals and flea markets in collaboration with others small businesses, am a casual member of firespinning troupe Starlight Alchemy, and helped start the first (and ongoing) open acroyoga community. I also love organizing fun, not-for-profit community building events for Publishizer around the world, such as Startup Writer Workshop, Writing Under the Influence and Dawn Dose.

I am pretty good at conceptualizing and organizing marketing/promotional events; Acquiring, analyzing and interpreting information; lateral thinking and creative problem-solving; communication; working with little to no budget.

Outside the office, I’m passionate about Nature, travel, sustainability, diversity, books, music, art, philosophy, and deep conversations. And food. All Singaporeans are deeply passionate about food.

I’m involved with Rockstart because It’s a great team of people who can support us in our learning, to help us grow Publishizer into the amazing global company I believe it has yet to become.

More about me: I love learning and new challenges. I believe that the possibilities are limitless and that we humans can achieve amazing things with hard work, some smarts and a bit of luck.