Xander van der Zande

Xander van der Zande

    CEO at DanDutch


    Business Development


Born and raised in Westland-Netherlands as a son of a respectful tomato grower. Xander has built professional experience in international horticultural projects and mainly Asian greenhouse business over the past 15 years. From feasibility to technical design.

He can make the bridge of practical horticultural background to professional greenhouse project integration. Xander has learned to develop greenhouse facilities in the most difficult climates with high temperatures and humidity, mainly in Asian countries. From turnkey project sales to realization.

In 2017 we have started the company DanDutcH ApS. We are a 3-men partnership with combined more than 100 years of Danish and Dutch horticultural experience. Besides shareholder, Xander is the CEO of the company and mainly selling and advising on irrigation, equipment and greenhouse solutions to the Asian installers. We are exporting the products of Staal&Plast A/S and Danvan A/S to the installers and distributors in Asian countries.