Being an intern at Rockstart is a challenging, yet fun experience. We have a truly international team with current and past interns hailing from India, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, South Africa, Germany, Great-Britain, Russia, Slovenia, China, Romania and the US. Check out the video below to get a better feel of the vibe in the team:

Life as a Rockstart Intern from Rockstart Accelerator on Vimeo.


So what is it really like?

“For me, the best way to describe Rockstart is to tell you the first thing I was asked when I started: „What do you want to learn?“ Right from the beginning, my internship was about getting to pitch in at what I’m doing best and improving what I wanted to get better at. I learned to refer to my ideas not as an idea, but as a project – something that actually gets done. The free food was nice as well. ;-)” – Alexander Ebhart, about his Community internship in 2015.

My internship at Rockstart was an amazing learning experience. I was given a lot of freedom and responsibilities in my tasks and could always count on all the support I needed. Besides that, I had a great time with my wonderful and inspiring team who always knew how to bring passion and fun to the next level. Working in the startup environment is very demanding and highly rewarding at the same time: people tend to say that anything can happen and within the Rockstart community it actually does. I would recommend a Rockstart internship to anyone who not only wants to grow fast within his or her own field, but is also ready to discover an entire new world of possibilities” Anna Samotycha, about her Legal Internship in 2015.

14433063011_00402ece51_k“Working as an intern at Rockstart has been such a wonderful learning experience for me. From the start I was asked to give my input during meetings, which really made me feel part of the team. I was also given a lot of responsibilities and freedom within my work, which allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge and skills. The whole thriving, busy and creative atmosphere at Rockstart is an exciting environment to work in!” – Megan van Zyl, about her Answers Events internship in 2015.

“Working alongside interesting people from diverse backgrounds, I learned about blogging, community management, social media management and PR. I also got a chance to develop skills in the areas I am personally interested in such as photography, design and interviewing. There is always something going on at Rockstart – events, workshops, team activities – and all of that makes you happy to wake up in the morning and go to the office.” – Natalia Sakmarova, about her Community internship in 2015.


“Working at Rockstart Accelerator is almost as working in a startup itself, meaning you will experience stressful days when you really have to go that extra mile, like staying late to finish preparations for tomorrow’s big event, or simply working your ass off when times are super busy. But always what you get in return, and this is especially true as an intern, is valuable hands on experience that you will take with you for the rest of your life. For me, the level of responsibility and freedom to improve on existing business processes is what kept me excited throughout my placement and I think you won’t find that easily at other companies.” Barnabas Graman about his Business Operations internship in 2014.

“Interning at Rockstart Accelerator went beyond my expectations. From day one, you’re thrown straight into the fire, and it only gets more exciting as you go on. Be prepared to learn quickly, be busy, meet a lot of people from around the world, and be welcomed into the Rockstart family with open arms.” Alexandra Connerty about her Social Media internship in 2014.

Our current internship openings:

Extra benefits

Big entrepreneurial network
At Rockstart you will not only be surrounded by our team, but also over 150 other driven and talented startup entrepreneurs at Rockstart Spaces (there are over 50+ startups situated here). You’ll have a chance to meet a mix of founders, designers, developers, marketing people and experienced Rockstart mentors. This makes a great opportunity to expand your network in the startup world and get to know all the great new innovations, apps and projects that are being developed here.

Intern community
As an intern you will never be alone. Since the startups at Rockstart Spaces have their own interns too, and Rockstart works with multiple interns in different roles at the same time, there is a strong, international intern community at Rockstart that likes to hang out and exchange experiences.

Events calendar
At Rockstart we have a great events space (the Ballroom), that is always being used for different events you can join, usually with drinks and snacks provided. As an intern at Rockstart you will even get access to some of the closed events that are, for example, part of the Rockstart Accelerator program. These are normally only accessible to the 10 startups that get selected for the program from hundreds of applications every year.

Did we mention that we’re on one of the most beautiful locations right in the city center of one of the greatest cities in Europe? We’re on Amsterdam’s famous canals, just a block away from Anne Frank House and Dam Square, as well as Amsterdam’s biggest and busiest shopping street. Beside, Rockstart is on walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station. Check it out.

Food & drinks
Interns at Rockstart get free lunch and unlimited fresh coffee brews and milk foam. Besides, we have a free team breakfast every Monday and drinks (with personal stories!) on Fridays.

“I never imagined I would learn so much at Rockstart. The internship is hectic- in a positive way! One big advantage at the events team is that you can work with everyone at Rockstart and easily meet different startups around here. I was given a lot of responsibility right from the beginning, which feels that you are really appreciated. The coolest part- organising Demo Day, bossing people around, and to see happy people at the events.” Elle-Mari Pappel about her Events & Operations internship in 2015.

“For me, Rockstart captures perfectly the momentum of what bright minds can do today when the desire to act is bigger than the fear of failure. You, as a Rockstart team member, get all the means and chances to express yourself because every email you write, any call you make, any spreadsheet you work on, and any meeting you attend to adds up to the well-being and prosperity of the global startup society. I get goosebumps every day I enter Rockstart office because I expect the day to be demanding but thrilling to live through.” Monika Dainytė about her Business Development Internship in 2015.