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A great place for startups

With a huge network, two in-house startup accelerators and a large group of talented entrepreneurs around, Rockstart Spaces makes one of the best places in the Netherlands to start your company, meet like-minded people, share knowledge and work together.


Why Rockstart Spaces


  • Coffee and Connecting

    Make use of our facilities, get access to our network and events and be part of our Community.

    €50 per person, monthly

  • Coworking Space

    Make use of a desk together with other entrepreneurs to share a great time and valuable insights with each other.

    €200 per flexible desk, monthly
    €250 per private desk, monthly

  • Private Office

    Make use of a private office space where your bigger team can work efficiently together.

    2-3 persons - €275 per person, monthly
    4-12 persons - €200 per person, monthly

Our space at Rigakade 10

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Spaces Members Perspective

Spaces members Pim Bellinga and Roel Bellinga from the startups University of the Netherlands foundation and I Hate Statistics gave their perspective on working at Rockstart Office Space.


Pim’s experience: “We checked out a couple of different places and then we came here. It’s nice because you have this big space where you can just meet a lot of people of other companies and find out what they are doing.”


Roel’s experience: “What I think is really important, is the fact that you come here and it doesn’t feel like an office. Not at all for me. There is always something happening and there’s this whole feeling that makes you feel welcome.”

Not convinced yet? Three-Day Trial

Test out our new HQ in Houthavens with a three-day trial period. Come see what it’s like to be a part of a growing startup community in a startup-tailored facility. With two active in-house accelerators, multiple communal areas, a lofty event space, and much more, our new building may be just what you’re looking for. Give us a try and sign up for your trial today.

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