Bamomas develops “Pay as you Go!” solutions as a service to monitor Industrial Batteries.

OVERVIEW: Batteries are the heart of industrial motive power and electric energy storing solutions. The charges related to the batteries are among the biggest cost items. Unfortunately, the batteries are not always treated properly AND badly treated batteries lose quickly their ability to store energy. Solution: We have developed modular Cloud utilizing “PAY AS YOU GO” Solution as a Service (SaaS) to monitor and manage industrial battery systems. Modular approach is realized using simple miniature non-intrusive wireless sensor combined with cloud platform that provides the battery intelligence. With the cloud solution all kinds of our customers can be served in scale-able and flexible manner. The benefits of our solution are: • No initial cost to get the service operational as one only pays for the batteries they want to monitor! • No need for local infrastructure as the installed solution can be work with existing wireless networks. • One can use the same service even if all of their batteries are not in the same location! As only one non-intrusive device is added to each monitored battery pack one can RETROFIT all of their batteries in a very cost effective manner!