FlowBox optimizes energy costs and assets’ utilization for medium-sized manufacturing companies by providing cloud aggregation of process control systems, into a single smart-control function.

FlowBox has been developed with the aim to become an integral part of the booming trend of automation and data exchange in the manufacturing sector (the so-called Industry 4.0), with focus on medium-sized manufacturing companies. To them, FlowBox serves as a centralized management system for all of their secondary production processes. By aggregation of all of the energy-related processes and devices into a single smart-control environment, FlowBox centrally and constantly optimizes their individual functions, as well as their mutual coexistence and cooperation. By such autonomous and real-time management, FlowBox provides an ultimate efficiency in both the related processes and the overall energy consumption, leading up to 40% savings from the total energy bill, as well as the most efficient assets’ utilization.