In 2012, Uber/Lyft entered the Transport industry and created tremendous disruption

And to be clear, this Transport industry is enormous, with more than 64B USD spent per year transporting people in cities around the world. Up until 2012, the Transport industry had operated practically unchanged for decades and quite frankly, the industry didn’t know how to adapt itself to the new technological environment in which its clients operated in. Sadly, it continued, running in the same old inefficient ways and without leveraging technology and all that it had to offer such as geolocation, payment capabilities and more. In fact, at that time, the telephone was used as the primary means of booking a taxi.

Today, the taxi industry is losing its core passengers that used to use a telephone to book reservations.

And to be sure, they are losing them to the much simplified, rapidly adopted technologies such as Uber & Lyft.

Taxi companies must find ways to stem their losses and provide clients with the simplicity and ease that they demand.

Technorides is a solution for taxi companies around all over the world. It can empower these companies to offer to their passengers an unique experience they seek, desire and, for all intents and purposes, demand.

It offers taxi drivers the possibility of having completing more trips in less time, communicating with both the dispatchers and passengers, and accepting credit cards with just a mere click.

Finally, for the taxi companies themselves, Technorides offers the control of their fleets, both their taxis and drivers, through a White Label solution providing the same functionality as Uber & Lyft, but in their own branding. If the taxi industry is to remain viable and successfully fend off these technological attacks from well funded upstarts, they need to arm themselves properly and Technorides is that solution.