VanChefs makes it easy to order catering from top-rated local chefs.

Finding suitable food for your next event is troublesome. Going back and forth over catering offers takes time. The offering is not transparent, leaving you to comparing apples and pears. Furthermore, it’s hard to distinguish quality and artisanship amongst the mass of low-quality caterers. What a jungle!

By standardizing catering offers to price per person, VanChefs makes it easy to compare, choose and order food for your next event. Their social marketplace provides crowd-sourced quality assurance through customer reviews and transparency of used ingredients.

By smartly combining the overcapacity of local food vendors, VanChefs unlocks a new space in the catering market: that of “Catering from the Cloud”. VanChefs is on a mission to becoming thé nr. 1 booking platform for chefs. Are you hungry yet?