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WeParc offers a modern solution to parking and car ownership via our own apps and our API partners. With our technology we’ll be able to transform the industry from a mere financial transaction into a seamless service. Have one of our drivers pick up your car, transfer it to one of our secure parking lots, and return it wherever, whenever you prefer. And while we’re at it, should we fill up your tank and wash your car for you? All of this is possible within one single environment. WeParc aims to strip the notion of owning a car down to the bare essence: transferring yourself from A to B – all the rest will be taken care of via our suite of parking options and services.
Our mission is to change the way the parking industry works by letting the parking spot come to you through our technology powered mobile driver service. Our vision is to become the integrated solution for all your parking and car services needs within one holistic environment. On street, parking lot, valet and all car services, like charging and repairs, integrated into one solution.